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Meeting the Challenges

Meeting the Challenges

Summary Our typical portfolio was well positioned and, despite the many challenges, performed nicely with attractive returns. We take comfort in relying on time tested market models, or barometers, to smooth the ride through these challenging periods. You can sleep...

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Streamers: A River of Gold – Part 2

Streamers: A River of Gold – Part 2

“A mine is a hole in the ground with a fool at the bottom and a crook at the top.” – Mark Twain In May we laid out the case that a new cyclical bull market in gold had begun - Win-Win Case for a Bull Market in Gold – Part 1.  As an advisor or individual, you may be...

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Keep Those Seat Belts Fastened

Keep Those Seat Belts Fastened

In our October Newsletter, Reducing Risk to a Safer Portfolio Speed, we explained how stock market driving conditions were more hazardous and why it was prudent to maintain a conservative investment posture. We were confident the defensive stance would be a sound...

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