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Key Concerns:

  • Having enough money to last through retirement
  • Generating enough income to sustain their lifestyle in

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Primary Financial Concerns:

  • Having enough money to last through retirement
  • Protection of their valuable nest egg from major stock market declines
  • Generating enough income to sustain their lifestyle in retirement

Key Questions:

  • Have we saved enough to retire based on our current spending needs?
  • When should we start taking social security and pension pay outs?
  • How can we protect our nest egg from major stock market declines?

Over the years, Bob and Linda accumulated a substantial retirement nest egg and, as long time Walnut Creek residents, built up a large amount of equity in their home. They were looking for an independent and thorough review of their 401(k), individual retirement accounts (IRA’s), investment and savings balances, social security and pension payouts. In essence, they needed a comprehensive retirement plan to meet their long term income and financial security needs. With retirement on the horizon, Bob and Linda knew it was time to hire a financial advisor that could help them through their upcoming life transition.

At Pring Turner, we specialize in servicing retirees. We take the time to hear your story, ask questions, and discover what you want to achieve in retirement. For clients like Bob and Linda we can help build and manage a personalized high quality investment portfolio designed to provide steady income while preserving your precious nest egg. In addition our retirement planning services will provide you with a retirement forecast and simulation that shows the probabilities of how long your valuable nest egg will last.

We completely understand that making the transition to retirement can be very unnerving and strive to help retirees enjoy this special time in their lives. Our goal is to provide clients like Bob and Linda with added peace of mind, by knowing their financial advisor will help them on their path to retirement and smooth financial journey thereafter.

Case studies presented are hypothetical scenarios and for illustrative purposes only. Please see disclaimers page for additional information.

Advisors who specialize in financial planning for those currently retired:

Tom Kopas
Tom Kopas

Investment Advisor

Jim Kopas, CFA
Jim Kopas, CFA

Investment Advisor

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