Don & Emily

Preparing for Retirement

Key Concerns:

  • Having a plan for the unexpected
  • Generating enough income to sustain their lifestyle in retirement

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Primary Financial Concerns:

  • Having a contingency plan in case something unexpected happened to a loved one
  • Maximizing future retirement income with a tax efficient financial plan
  • Generating enough income to sustain their lifestyle in retirement

Key Questions:

  • What if something happens to me, what can we do to ensure my spouse/partner is taken care of?
  • How can we best prepare for our future retirement?
  • Based on our current income and spending what is an appropriate retirement timeline?

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Don and Emily have enjoyed successful careers and are looking forward to a fulfilling retirement. Don’s retiring from his managing position at a Fortune 100 company, and now that their four children are all grown, Emily finally has some extra time on her hands. They were looking forward to enjoying their retirement years together in their empty nest and had two key considerations when choosing their new financial advisor.

First, the couple wanted to find a financial advisor they could trust to handle investment decisions and oversee the family wealth should Don no longer be able to himself. Emily is younger than Don, who’s always managed the family money. As they retire, they want to ensure that Emily has a comfortable and trusting relationship with their financial advisor.

Our goal at Pring Turner is to provide clients like Don and Emily with added peace of mind, by knowing their financial advisor will be there to help them should something unexpected happen to their loved ones. Our financial advisors seek to become an important family confidant that work directly with you, your CPA, Estate Attorney, and other financial professionals to streamline and organize your financial life, so you can focus on what is most important to you.

Second, they wanted to work with a financial advisor that had a deep focus on protecting the valuable retirement nest egg. During his professional career Don experienced first-hand the business cycle related swings in the economy and financial markets. Due to that experience the couple had developed a conservative outlook which caused them to always live within their means. Simply put, Don and Emily were more concerned about building consistent returns, protecting their hard earned money and reducing financial stress than beating the market in bullish years.

At Pring Turner, we have lots of experience working with couples that are preparing for a “conservative” retirement. For clients like Don and Emily that really appreciate a conservative investment management approach, we strive to help build and manage a personalized high quality investment portfolio where downside protection is the top priority.

Case studies presented are hypothetical scenarios and for illustrative purposes only. Please see disclaimers page for additional information.

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