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Winning By Not Losing

Martin Pring and Joe Turner’s investment roots began in 1968—a year that kicked off a very challenging 14 year period for financial markets. Stocks and bonds moved in wide, volatile trading ranges and frustrated “buy and hold” investors. The challenge for Martin and Joe was to develop a better way to invest for clients. The key objective:  not losing big during major market declines, making it easier to compound wealth over the long run.

Dow Jones Investment Performance

The All Season Solution

Three out of four major stock market declines (-20% or more) have occurred during economic recessions. Recovering from these big losses can be a difficult and more importantly, stressful endeavor. With that in mind, doesn’t it make sense to have two game plans? One to grow wealth in favorable periods and another to protect during recession led bear markets? We think so… and this is precisely the All-Season investment approach created and utilized at Pring Turner.

Serving the Needs of Conservative Investors

Pring Turner invests on behalf of individuals, organizations, and financial advisors that appreciate a conservative and active investment style that aims to deliver consistent results without taking undue risk. No two clients are exactly alike, however each of our clients has unique investment goals with one common overriding emphasis: protection of the wealth they worked so hard to accumulate.


Internationally Recognized Investment Strategy

In 2012, Dow Jones Indexes validated the Pring Turner All-Season investment strategy and created their first active business cycle index, the Dow Jones Pring U.S. Business Cycle Index. The index was developed as a unique tool for measuring our investment strategy that dynamically adjusts as the economic landscape changes. All told, the Pring Turner investment team has accumulated over 130 years of investment experience and authored more than 20 investment books.

Proven Track Record

The proof is in our long-term performance. Over several decades, covering multiple bull and bear markets, our All Season investment process has delivered steady growth while taking roughly half the market risk. Our overriding goal is to help you reach your financial & investment goals with peace of mind.