Investment Management

A better protected investment portfolio

We help you build a diversified high quality investment portfolio with many layers of protection.

Consistent Returns with Added Protection

If you are more concerned about building consistent returns, protecting your hard-earned money, and reducing financial stress than beating the market in bullish years – you have come to the right place. Our conservative investment philosophy is focused on making sure you can participate measurably in market gains while reducing your downside risk. Simply put: The goal of our active investment strategy is to protect and prepare you for all market environments.

Personalized Portfolio of the Highest Quality

Your personalized portfolio is comprised of higher quality stocks and bonds. Historically, high quality stocks drop in price much less than the “market as a whole” during stock market declines, while achieving better performance over the long run: truly, a win-win. You can sleep easier knowing your investment portfolio is positioned to participate in market gains while maintaining a defensive structure capable of withstanding even the most challenging environments.

Backed By a Proven Investment Track Record

Our conservative approach is based on business cycle investing, first introduced by award winning investment strategist Martin Pring. The goal is to generate steady growth while taking less risk, by making timely adjustments to your investments as the economic landscape changes.

Transparent and Straightforward Advisory Fee

As a fee-only Financial Advisor, our interests are truly aligned with yours. We do not receive any compensation from commissions and our job is to keep your transaction costs low. Our graduated annual percentage fee (0.70% – 1.00%) is customizable, based upon your investments under management. It’s that simple. You can gain confidence and peace of mind knowing that your financial advisor’s only vested interest is to keep costs low, generate consistent growth, and protect your valuable assets.

Learn how our unique approach and personalized advice can help you grow the value of your financial portfolio.