Jim Kopas

Jim Kopas, CFA

Investment Advisor & Chief Compliance Officer

Ever since he can remember, Jim has always had a keen eye for business. His “professional” career began at the ripe old age of 11 when he started a dog walking service in Walnut Creek to help neighbors with especially energetic pets. After just a few months of walking dogs and with years of accumulated birthday savings, Jim had enough money to open his first investment account. He has been enamored with investments ever since.

To grow his investment knowledge, Jim enrolled at Santa Clara University in 2005 and three years later received a BSC degree in Finance. Upon graduation he joined the fee-only investment advisor in Walnut Creek, California. This was just in time to be greeted with the greatest financial crises since the Great Depression, an even more valuable learning experience than college. In 2013, he earned the Chartered Financial Analyst®(CFA) designation, one of the most respected and recognized investment advisory designations in the world.

Away from the Walnut Creek office when not working as a financial advisor, Jim loves spending precious time with his wife Genna and children Kate, Charlotte, Patrick, and Lauren. The Kopas family especially enjoys traveling, attending Cal Football games, and long walks around the Walnut Creek area with the family’s golden retrievers.


  • Client Service & Financial Planning
  • Analyzing Investment Opportunities
  • Making Investment Decisions
  • Business Operations