Since its beginning 39 years ago, Pring Turner has placed great emphasis and value on educating our clients and the investor community. We designed this blog to uphold that value and continue sharing our knowledge, insights and experience with you.  We are all on a journey to learn and prosper through an ever changing investment landscape, and Pring Turner aims to make that journey smooth and profitable with disciplined guidance.

Venerated: Regard with Great Respect

Pring Turner is honored to announce that it was ranked as the leading research publisher of 2015 by Advisor Perspectives.  The Advisor Perspectives website provides actionable insights related to investment strategies and the economy, and performs interviews with leaders in the field. Currently, the site attracts over 175,000 unique visitors a month, virtually all of them financial advisors serving high net worth investors.  In their Top 25 Venerated Voices awards for 2015, our very own, Martin Pring, won the individual category as most widely read contributor, and Pring Turner was voted as #1 in the firm category!  Advisor Perspectives assigns a relative score where a score of 100 is equal to the average readership.  Both Martin’s and Pring Turner’s reading scores were nearly five times the average readership. Thanks to the investment advisor community for your support. We appreciate that our unique investment insights provide value to your investment advisory efforts.

We trust our clients take comfort and develop a higher level of peace of mind knowing Pring Turner Capital Group is trusted and respected by its competitors and peers.  As a team we continue to work hard to protect and grow our clients’ valuable assets.

We look forward to sharing our unique and timely observations, opinions and sometimes irreverent slants with you on this blog.  All insights are designed to further your knowledge and stimulate thinking beyond conventional accepted wisdom. So, welcome to our renovated website and thank you for checking out our new blog!

Disclaimer: Pring Turner is a Financial Advisor headquartered in Walnut Creek CA, and is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. The views represented herein are Pring Turner’s own and all information is obtained from sources believed to be accurate and reliable. This information should not be considered a solicitation or offer to provide any service in any jurisdiction where it would be unlawful to do so. All indices are unmanaged and are not available for direct investment. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Pring Turner Team
Pring Turner Team
This post is a collaboration of the Ping Turner team. Celebrating over 40 years successfully managing client investment portfolios in constantly changing markets. Pring Turner is a financial planning & investment management team based in Walnut Creek, CA.

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