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Adding to Gains

Adding to Gains

We are pleased to report your portfolio [1](adjusted for withdrawals) outperformed the major U.S. stock market indices, which made modest upside progress this quarter. Your portfolio once again reached new all-time highs[1]! Economic growth is chugging right along on...

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Our LEI Hits a New High

Our LEI Hits a New High

The Pring Turner Leading Economic Indicator (LEI) comprises a weighted ROC for three key economic sectors and a financial one. These are construction, consumer spending, employment and the stock market. It has led every recession since its inception in the 1950’s. To...

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The Stock Market Beach Ball

The Stock Market Beach Ball

If you have ever gone to the beach or played in a pool and pushed a beach ball under water, you can appreciate how we associate current stock market conditions with that beach ball. When the ball is pushed under water, pressure begins to build. The farther under water...

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